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 Gulf 12 Hours of Abu Dhabi

13. - 15. Dec 2018

Porsche GT3 Cup

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Gulf 12 Hours von Abu Dhabi

13. - 15. Dez 2018

Porsche GT3 Cup

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VLN Langstreckenmeisterschaft:

This season Christopher is competing again in the endurance Championship at Nürburgring in the seat of a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup #99 (category CUP2) from team "Car Collection".


Website of the championship:

Website of the team:




59. ADAC Westfalenfahrt (4h-race) in march:

Team Car Collection finished 19th place with car #99 at qualifying. Chris got into the Porsche 911 GT3 CUP as the first driver. Start went really well, he drove a fantastic stint and his fastest lap time was 8:35.555. After 8 amazing laps his team mate took over the wheel from 8th place overall (1st place in category CUP2). Due to fog the race was stopped after 16 laps. Porsche #99 finished 16th place overall and 4th place in their category.


37. DMV 4h-race in april:

Chris drove the Porsche #99 with a lap time of 8:36.519 at qualifying and reached 16th place which was pole-position in category CUP2. Chris did a great first stint, his fastest lap during race was a 8:40.188. After 11 laps his team mate took over the wheel from 12th place overall and 1st place in category. Unfortunately his team mates lost positions with the result that the Porsche finished 17th place overall and 3rd place in category CUP2.



Qualifyied 36th with a laptime of 9:04.056 and finished the 4 hour race in 34th position.

43. Adenauer ADAC Rundstrecken-Trophy (4h-race) in june:

In qualifying Chris did a fantastic job. After running his first 2 laps clocking a 8:31.927, he handed over the car to D. Lehner. Since friday's free practice session the #99 Porsche GT3 Cup was suffering massive understeering which continued through out qualifying.

After D. Lehner's 2 hot laps, Chris went out for 1 last hot lap which he totally nailed! 

Before Chris went out, he told his engineer to do a few tweaks to the car's setup which enabled him to run a 8:27.796, placing the #99 on P16 overall & P3 in class.


Chris shared the Porsche with Marcel Blumer and Dieter Lehner (both Swiss). The team's strategy for this

race was as following:

D. Lehner to run the first Stint (start), then handing over the car to M. Blumer and then Chris run the third and final stint of the race, including a "splash & dash" (pit stop to refill fuel - without tyre - driver change)


After their 2 successful stints, Chris took over the #99 GT3 Cup and after 11 chaotic laps he saw the chequered flag in P10 overall and P3 in their respective class.


See details of Chris' stint below.


position total

position class lap lap-time  note
16 3 17


 driver change Marcel --> Chris

13 2 18



13 3 19


Chris fastest lap in race

12 3 20



11 3 21



11 3 22



11 3 23



11 3 24



10 3 25


 Splash and Dash

10 3 26



10 3 27



Chris did a great stint and managed to get from P16 to P10 in total, P3 in class CUP2.

52. ADAC Reinoldus-Langstreckenrennen (4h-race) in July:

Due to a punctured right rear tyre at the Nurburgring's long back straight (Dottinger Hohe)  at 250km/h in Friday's free practice session, Chris & his team mates were not able to participate in Saturday's qualifying and race.


Statement from Chris after the big crash: "I was coming down the back straight in 6th gear (~ 250km/h), I just heard a very loud "BANG" and the car immediately spun 180 degrees and I impacted with the right rear into the track barrier which then catapulted me across the race track into the left side of the race barrier. There was not much that I could do, when something like this happens you are pretty much just a passenger. Hit the brakes and hold onto the steering wheel and wait for the impacts."


The #99 Porsche GT3 Cup suffered very heavy damage at the rear which was not able to be repaired in time for saturday's race event. Christopher escaped this massive crash unhurt!


RCM DMV Grenzlandrennen (4h-race) in July:

In qualifying Chris did a fantastic job. He ran a 9:00.060 during rain, placing the #99 on P11 overall & pole position in class.


The team's strategy for this race was as following:

Chris to run the first Stint (start) including a "splash & dash" (pit stop to refill fuel - without tyre - driver change), then handing over the car to D. Lehner and M. Blumer to run the third and final stint of the race.


See details of Chris' stint below.


position total

position class lap lap-time  note
9 1 1 08:39.233


9 1 2 08:27.958

 Chris fastest lap in race

11 2 3 08:42.734


20 5 4 09:48.199

 Splash and Dash

19 5 5 08:38.484


18 4 6 08:34.996


15 4 7 08:35.800


9 2 8 08:35.621


6 1 9 08:41.328


7 1 10 08:34.682


9 3 11 10:19.645

 fuel problems

6 hour Ruhr Trophy race (4th of August)


The 6 hour race at the beginning of August is the highlight of the 2012 VLN long distance championship.

With an impressive and loaded starter field, the entry list of this race weekend clearly showed the importance of the anual 6 hour race event.


The Car Collection #99 Porsche GT3 Cup was piloted by Christopher Zoechling, Marcel Blumer & Peter Schmidt.

After a good qualifying run, Marcel was the first driver to start the race.


WIth 1 lap to go before the team's first pit with driver change and fuel refill, Marcel reported via radio that he had to stop the #99 Porsche GT3 Cup due to drive train problems.


The car was immediately pulled into pits to check up and possibly for a quick repair, however after inspecting the damage on the rear left of the car, it was clear that the car had suffered massive drive train damage due to a minor collision with another Porsche GT3 cup, fighting for P2.


After a 45 minute repair, Peter Schmidt got in the car and got ready for his stint. 

2 laps after his departure Peter pitted again saying that the car is still suffering from gearbox and drive train porblems.

Already having lost more then 6 laps, the team decided to pull out of the race and retire.


Statement from Chris after retirement: " It is unfortunate and sad that we had to retire so early in the race due to a minor incident while fighting for P2. The car was feeling great for this 6 hour race and a top 10 finish overall & P1 or P2 finishs in class would have been possible. However, I'm looking forward in 3 weeks for the 8th race of the season.

25.08.2012 - 4 hour Barbarossapreis


Starting from this race weekend on, Christopher will from now on be piloting the #67 Porsche GT3 Cup in the SP7 class, instead the previously raced #99 Porsche GT3 Cup.

The #67 was intended to be raced by Christopher Zoechling, Peter Schmidt & Egon Allgaeuer.


However, in friday's free practice session the race weekend ended early for the #67 Porsche, caused by a engine failure. 

Unfortunately it was not possible to repair or swap the engine for the next day qualifying and race session.


Christopher thought that his race weekend was over, however, Marco Schelp , owner of the #38 Rowe Motor Oil Porsche GT3 Cups S, asked Chris if he were able to run 1 stint with Marco and Peter Schmidt on the SP9 entry Porsche.


Saturday morning Chris ended the qualifying session with an impressive 20th place overall, considering the car #38 Porsche is a 3 year old GT3 Cup S, which hasnt been in a race for quit some time!


Christopher, Marco and Peter tried to find a good overall setup as fast as possible for the race.


The team decided it was Chris who should be running the first stint (incl. the start) and then hand over the car to Peter, then Marco.

In the beginning of the formation lap Christopher started to notice a fault with the clutch or the transmission, which led to an unexpected pit stop. 

The engineers and mechanics looked throughout the drive train but could not come up with a possible fault, meaning Chris was led out of the pits to re join the race, however right after exiting the pit, Christopher had so drag the #38 back to the pits to have another look at the problem.


Eventually the problem was found and fixed (gearbox) and Chris finished his first stint with 3 laps down to the leader.


Marco Schelp took over his Porsche GT3 Cup S  as the third driver and was having a good run, until 2 laps before race end, when a Ginetta lost control right infront of M. Schelp, which resulted in a massive crash.

(view onboard video in "race video" section)


Marco and the Ginetta driver are both O.K

29.09.2012 - ROWE 250 mile race 


After a 4 week break, Christopher & team CarCollection Motorsport returned to the second last race of the 2012 VLN series.


For this race weekend, Christopher got to race with 2 new team mates. J. Siegler & K.Koch, both from Germany.


After a quick friday practice session, Christopher and his team mates were very pleased with how the car handled and were looking forward to saturday's qualifying and race.


The strategy for the second last race of the season was as following. Christopher to run the final 2 laps in qualifying and the first stint of the race (start).


After J. Siegler & K. Koch did their 2 qualifying laps, Christopher was sent out to nail down a top time.

After about 75% of the first timed lap completed, Christopher was in the run for pole position, however a double yellow flag section made him slow down and loose precious time, resulting in a 8.32.966 lap time.


However, after returning to the pits its was obvious what has caused a problem during Chris' qualifying laps.

The right part of the big rear wing of his #67 Porsche GT3 Cup was ripped off, resulting in major downforce loss at high speeds. Making the Porsche very difficult to control.


Statement from Chris after qualifying: "I already started noticing a a strange behaviour in the cars handling at the end of my first hot lap, while aiming for an even faster laptime in my 2nd lap, I started to feel major difficulties keeping the car on track at high speeds, especially fast right hand turns.

At first I thought that something with the suspension was at fault but after returning to the pits, we immediately saw that part of the rear wing was missing"


Starting from 15th place overall and 2nd place in category, Christopher raced a very impressive 10 laps, handing over the car to J. Siegler in 6th place overall and 1st place in category. 

(A race highlight video will be added shortly)


Both his team mates ran a consistent and good race, ending the race in 14th place overall and 4th place in category.